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Thomas Meyer remains IHK-president.The meeting resulted in an unanimous vote.

Thomas Meyer was reelected unanimously as president of the „Bergische Chamber of Industry and Commerce“ (IHK). He is the head of the „Bergische IHK“ since 2013.

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Thomas Meyer Foundation grants scholarships of the Deutschlandstipendium.Talent meets promotion.

On 5th November, 2016 Gabriele and Thomas Meyer were allowed to make scholarship holders of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal...

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Promote young talent.Provide opportunities.

“The ‘Junior University’ in Wuppertal is an outstanding offer, where children and young people can learn free from school pressure and discover and live out the joy of research and experimentation.

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Benjamin Wuttke is brand ambassador of the TKM Group.Precise also in sports.

Today we welcome Mr. Benjamin Wuttke as our brand ambassador of the TKM Group.

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Vocational training at TKM.The movie.

Today we present our new TKM education movie. A Special praise goes to our Trainees who has written the storyboard completely by themselves.

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Educational award 2015.Quality - in education too.

This year TKM received again the educational Price "Bergischer Ausbildungspreis 2015" for their excellent vocational trainings.

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